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SimplePack is a dynamic brand of packaging of leading manufacturer of thermoformed cellulose pulp. We deliver customized orders for all types of packaging and disposable crockery for broad range of industry sectors – electronics, automotive,food packaging, cosmetic, medical, catering and many more. We win with our attitude of being flexible and highly receptive to our Client’s needs Due to our advanced cellulose pulp thermoforming technology and and independent design centre allowing us to create custom made forming molds for almost any shape of packaging you can imagine – we offer the best quality products meeting all expectations of our Clients.

In SimplePack we believe the best solutions emerge when the perfect custom made project is implemented in the production environment after passing rigorous acceptance tests. SimplePack leading world class technology allows for employment of the highest possible thermoforming parameters of temperature and pressure, which translate directly into increased quality, durability and other working parameters of packaging.



SimplePack relies on color, durability and innovative surface textures. Let your packaging make a huge impression on your Clients. Stand out of the crowd and make your product have a perfect setting. Thanks to SimplePack your product will reach its destination in perfect condition and the quality of the packaging will emphasize its uniqueness.

SimplePack equals 100% biodegradable nad 100% recyclable packaging. We use waste paper to produce innovative and top quality products. We are aware that deep concern about natural environment and real capacity to re-use secondary raw materials, is not only the best way to achieve a longterm and profitable business, but it is also a responsibility for the next generations and our Planet.