Innovation & Reliability

Simple Pack is an innovative brand of thermoformed paper pulp packaging for broad range of industry sectors – electronics, automotive, catering, medical, food packaging, gardening and many ore. High quality of raw material and advanced technology solutions enable us to consummately copy the shape of packaged products, thus preventing from unwanted move inside the package. Due to optimally designed deformation zones prevented are, or significantly reduced, vibrations transfered to the packed product. Simple Pack aims to deliver the best value for money on the market. We focus on perfect design, innovative technology and flexibility. Paper pulp packaging performs to have almost unlimited application on the market. SimplePack focuses on advanced design center that allows us to create every shape of packaging that is required. We start from the idea and deliver high quality packaging solutions for your products.

Color & Design

Innovative packaging of Simple Pack represents both high quality and flexibility. Since the quality, style and durability of the packaging strongly affects the decision of choice of the final consumer we provide the eye-catching, elegant and durable product. You can even choose a color and final texture of the surface.

Before we run the series production we start from the briliant idea and deliver perfect packaging being a result of innovative design, live tests of prototypes and test production. Our Clients are involved in the process on every stage. That’s how we provide 100% of satisfaction.

Best value for money

Simple Pack provides the best quality of packaging in competitive price. Due to our advanced thermoforming technology and innovative design centre we are able to deliver the most outstanding packaging in large quantities.

Reliable Brand

We build our business protecting your products! Simple Pack implements innovative solutions based on advanced termoforming technology of paper pulp. We keep looking for new ideas in order to deliver cutting edge solutions for your business. Simple Pack equals perfect packaging.